Michael D. Miles, PE

  6135 SW Arrowwood Lane
  Portland 97223-7261
  Oregon, USA

      Tel: (503) 292-1234
Fax: (503) 292-1105

Statement of Purpose: 

The primary focus of the consulting practice is to serve industry with Mechanical Engineering expertise in all areas of product design (involving system ar
chitecture, prototype and production planning, detailed part design, system and device thermal management and analysis, EMI issues, design for manufacture and assembly (DFM/A), and tooling approval). Additional concerns of the consulting practice are air/fluid flow simulation, part stress analysis, coordination of ID resources, and mechanism development.

Condensed Background: 

Mr Miles entered the electronic packaging industry in 1978 designing components and systems for Tektronix. After approximately ten years employment, Mr Miles opened his practice as a Consulting Design Engineer in November of 1988. He has maintained a direct involvement with the detail design as well as the system design of a wide variety of products. His combination of strengths in plastic part design, mechanism design, stress analysis of materials, and thermal system design are complimented by an acute awareness of the latest technologies and components in the electronic industry. His mechanical design of a broad spectrum of products ranging from small handheld to rack based systems and consumer products to specialized advanced technology equipment illustrate a few facets of his design abilities.

The Practice of Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering in System Design: 

The integration of electronics with the appearance and structural integrity of the product is the domain of the Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineer. Conception, design, and selection of appropriate materials, fabrication technology, and tooling strategies of the physical parts is the primary responsibility but it also extends into design for cost effective assembly, service, and care to meet the rugged requirements of the environment the product will be used in. Testing and verification of the components and the overall design prove the durability of the product. In a broader view, the Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineer must cooperate and work synergistically with other disciplines in electronics, manufacturing, testing, marketing, and Industrial Design.

Michael D. Miles, PE
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