Michael D. Miles, PE

  6135 SW Arrowwood Lane
  Portland 97223-7261
  Oregon, USA

      Tel: (503) 292-1234
Fax: (503) 292-1105

Education & Post Graduate Development:


  • Oregon State University, 1977 through 1980 - B.S. in Mechanical Engineering

  • Willamette University,  1974 through 1977 - Studies in Liberal Arts, Computer Science, and Physics


  • Solidworks CAD System

  • Blue Ridge Numerics CFDesign Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Advanced Electronic Cooling Seminar- Applied Thermal Technologies

  • IronCad 3.x Solids Modeling software

  • GE Plastics Innovation Seminar

  • HP SolidDesigner Workstation CAD on NT 4.0

  • Algor Finite Element Analysis - Statics, Dynamics, Thermal

  • Intergraph Microstation V.5 Solids & Surfaces CAD Software

  • Analytix Mechanism Software

  • COSMOS/M Finite Element System

  • CATS - Cabinet Airflow/Thermal Simulation Software

  • Cadkey 5 3-D Design Software

  • FastCAD 2D & 3D Design Software

  • Electronic Reliability Through Environmental Stress Screening, Andrew Kostic, Unisys Corp.

  • ROBO Systems RoboCad-PC and RoboSolid design software

  • 1986 Stanford Conference on Design, Stanford University

  • Plastic Part Design Seminar, Borg Warner, Glenn Beall

  • Flow Modeling using FLUENT, Creare Research & Development

  • Finite Element Analysis on I-DEAS from Structural Dynamics Research Corp.

  • ASME Winter Annual Meeting on Heat Transfer in Electronics

  • Applicon Software: 3D Drafting and Model Creation, Solids Modeling, and BRAVO! familiarization.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics - Short Course, NASA, Ames Research Center

  • Advances in Thermal Analysis, Allan Kraus & Avram Bar-Cohen

  • Machine Tool Operation (full sequence), Tektronix, Bruce Njust

  • Shock and Vibration in Electronic Equipment, David Steinberg

  • Plastic Design Seminar, Grant & Roth Plastics Inc.


Michael D. Miles, PE
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